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During Ahead’s Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) Refresher in Alabang, students were given a chance to answer trivia about Ateneo de Manila University before they take the college exam scheduled on September 13 and 14. Everybody had a great time answering and guessing what lies beneath the well-known university.


Take the test and let’s see how much you know! You have 30 seconds to answer the questions below. Oops, no cheating!


1. Next year, the Ateneo de Manila University will be celebrating its sesquicentennial anniversary. What year then was the Ateneo founded?

a. 1860

b. 1863

c. 1859

d. 1849


2. What was Ateneo’s original name?

a. Escuela Municipal de Manila

b. Escuela Municipal Manila

c. Ateneo Municipal de Manila


3. Name the two places where Ateneo established itself before coming to Loyola Heights.

a. Malate and Pedro Gil

b. Intramuros and Padre Faura

c. Intramuros and Malate


4. What is the title of Ateneo’s alma mater song?

a. A Song for Mary

b. Song of Ruth

c. The Magnificat


5. TRUE or FALSE: Ateneo is an original founding member of the Universities Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP)


6. How many UAAP senior men’s basketball championships has Ateneo won so far?

a. 4

b. 3

c. 2


7. What is the official motto of Ateneo?

a. Lux in domino

            b.ut res Magis valeat quam pereat

c. et admirabile sacramentum


8. What are the only animals that can be found depicted in the official seal of Ateneo?

a. Eagles

b. Wolves

c. Tigers


9. In what decade was the Blue Eagle adopted as the Ateneo mascot?

a. 1930’s

b. 1940’s

c. 1950’s


10. Who among the following never studied in Ateneo?

             a. Gary Lising (comedian)

             b. Jose Maria Sison (founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines)

             c. Corazon Aquino (former President of the Philippines)

             d. Jose Miguel Arroyo (First Gentleman)

             e. Gregorio del Pilar (hero of the Revolution and Philippine-American War)

             f. Rico Blanco (former Rivermaya vocalist)


 Answers will be posted in the next blog entry. Let’s hope you get a passing score!

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