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For the aspiring Thomasians

This coming October 26, many will try to enter the grounds of the University of Santo Thomas. But only chosen ones will have the chance to really study there. We know that you want to be the chosen one, so take a look at these tips:

1. Eat brain food! Fish, vegetables, fruits and lots of water will help you in do your activities.
2. Review but don’t overdo it. Relax and learn as you browse and recall what needs to be remembered.
3. Get enoooough sleep.
4. Don’t cram.

Hooray to the future Thomasians!

Comments on: "For the aspiring Thomasians" (2)

  1. Sara Saeed Ahmed Werkee said:

    I wanna attend the entrance exam of the college (Bachelor of Nursing)

    • aheadph said:

      Hi Sarah!

      What kind of college entrance exam are you referring to? Currently, we have review classes for college entrance tests in UP, Ateneo, De La Salle and other universities.
      But if you are looking for a specific review program related to your course, which is nursing, we do have IELTS review for nurses. This will be provided by one of our divisions, AheadPro. They are experts in giving professional trainings. Please call us at 426-0030 or 0917-501-1199 for more details. You can also visit our website and Hope to hear from you soon!

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