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Tutorials are not only for the students lagging behind but also for students who want to maintain their good standing. Assessment in students is not measured against each student. A good assessment considers how a student fares given the standard academic expectations. It also considers how the students progress and develops from where he started. Comparing your children to the standing of his classmates is a paradigm of old learning strategies that may not be effective today.

Ahead Interactive offers different modules that will cater to different levels of learners. For learners who are advanced in their studies, deepening is key to lesson retention. A student can take advantage of tutorial sessions that can truly help the learner maximize his or her potentials. Rather than just being happy with what the teacher reports, getting your son or daughter to be tutored by another mentor help him/her engage and take on other challenges. Ahead Interactive is more than tutorial sessions for the slow learners. The teachers take their pupils to the best that they can become. JLB

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