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I’m an insurance underwriter and I travel from one city to the next, even during weekends. Since I miss my children and really try to maximize the little time I have with them on weekends, I bring them along. Problem is, the kids need to do their homework and so they also bring their homework when we do travel together. This is where ahead interactive helps because I don’t have to think about schedules with the tutor. Since tutorial sessions are done in cyberspace, I can bring the kids to my weekend destinations and when it’s time for tutorials, we just need to go online. It’s really trouble free and hassle free. I get more time with the kids which is as important as their academics. It’s really great that there’s ahead interactive that could deliver tutorial services catering to my family’s needs. Honestly, I get less stressed because I don’t have to feel guilty leaving the kids all alone when busy weekends come. Thanks Ahead Interactive! Tessa, 38 years old.

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