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Mara and chores at home

I’m a mother of four kids. My work at home can be unimaginable. I try to do the laundry and cooking and washing before the kids come after school but handling a house of four kids can be so tiresome. And speaking of homework, I tried my best to be that super mom who can sit out with the children for homework. But I slowly observed that I ended up shouting at the kids. I lose my temper when they can’t do their work properly. My stress from chores at home gets my patience to run low. Sadly, my kids and I end up feeling tired, bad and getting less homework done. Ahead Interactive helped a lot. At first I thought it might be costly adding up to expenses at home but I realized it gave us more time to relax and bond with the kids more. After the kids’ online tutorials, my kitchen mess is all cleaned up and we have time to watch a movie together or play board games.

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