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How to beat the mastery test.

Mastery tests rate the student’s stock knowledge. For one whole semester, bits and pieces of learning competencies are delivered to the student. At the end of the a given period, the teacher would want to rate the student on how much the students acquired the knowledge. Mastery tests are drills that attack each competency from different angles and perspectives. If and when the student gets a high score, the teacher would know that the student has indeed taken the subject at heart. Here’s a few tips to engage a mastery test:

1. Get to have a clear mind and a rested body before the exam.

2. Get as much timed trial exams to get the feel of pressure.

3. Make sure your writing tools work during the exam.

4. Try different exam types with the same subject.

5. Read at least three books of the same subject just to get other perspectives on the topic.

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