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Being a teacher is very challenging. Even if you can eat fire and walk on tightrope in front of the class, a teacher can only do so much. Imagine teaching eight hours a day, day in and day out in front of at least 30 hungry minds. Even if I really want to help this one kid lagging behind, I simply do not have the time and energy. Teaching at low energy is very dangerous because instead of being an overflowing river of knowledge for a thirsty mind, a stressed out teacher becomes a stagnant pond.

This is one reason why one on one tutorials are so helpful for the students. It also helps the school teacher in more than obvious ways. A prepared student is a successful student. The student is prepared to listen and therefore can focus more in class. The teacher can only do so much and would attempt to reach most talented and the most challenged in class but on an average scale, the teacher’s energies in class can’t be assured to be 100%. Thanks to Ahead Interactive, there is one on one tutorial available online to help the kids be ready and well prepared for the large class.

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