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Just Do It!!!

We all have unpleasant tasks to do each day; obligations that we would rather not do, except that they have to be done. Most of us would try to ignore them, and do other mundane stuff while a. hoping that the ugh task goes away. And b. hoping someone else will do it for us.

Unfortunately, options a and b seldom work. What usually happens is the unpleasant chore becomes a bigger and more unpleasant job. It stresses us out and hangs over us like a gloomy rain cloud and we start developing negative feelings to the point that we again put off doing it for tomorrow. And the cycle continues.

This is bad for our psyche and in time, putting off this one task will make us feel so bad to the point that our performance in our other duties will suffer. What to do now?

The only way to get past this is to JUST DO IT. The slogan of a popular sports apparel company, it has been posted in billboards and magazines all over the world. But of course, just doing it, oftentimes, is easier said than done. Alas, experience has taught plenty of successful people that taking a deep breath and tackling the job at hand are the only ways to accomplish certain chores.

A good tip we can share with you is to accomplish the unpleasant tasks first thing in the morning. It may not be the most pleasant thing to do, but if you did it, then it’s done. You can now proceed with your day without that big elephant sitting on your desk.

It will take awhile before you get the ‘just do it’ attitude down to pat. But doing this will greatly improve productivity and raise your motivation. So if you weigh the pros and the cons, just doing it is a great habit to develop.

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