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In this day of ‘instant’ millionaires, it is very easy for the young generation to take what seems to be the easy route towards fame and fortune. Impressionable teenagers look up to Generation Y millionaires who, stories have made it seem, made their fame and fortune without needing to finish schooling.

PR firms of course have made their stories seem easy breezy. This is the reason why students who might be encountering difficulty in school might jokingly tell friends, ‘mag aartista na lang ako’ or ‘gagawa ako ng computer game!”. What is seldom mentioned though is that for every dropout that makes it big, 20 more out of school youths are struggling to make ends meet.

Viewed that way, striking it rich the ‘unconventional’ way does not seem very attractive anymore. Thankfully, those that are on the receiving end of youthful adulation are aware of the false impressions they might convey and encourage the youth to continue studying at every possible opportunity. This can only mean one thing: Education, for most people, even those lucky enough to have succeeded despite the lack of it, is still seen as the great leveler.

What about YOU, how do you see education affecting your future?

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