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The ability to understand and remember reading assignments in school will go a long way in ensuring your success in school and everyday life. Here are some tips to help you out. Try following them the next time you have to write a book report or have an assigned reading assignment.

  1. Recall what you know about the topic – even before reading the text. This will help you  gain understanding of the text even if you read it for the first time only.
  2. Research the topic – browsing the book’s back cover will give you an idea what the book is about. Finding out information about the author, what his motives were for writing the book, the influences he had while writing, will help you gain deeper insight.
  3. Have a dictionary handy – you will most likely encounter new words while reading. Being able to look up the meaning of these words right away means that you don’t have to doubt if you have fully understood the text.
  4. Find out what other people’s thoughts are about the topic – Discussing the contents of a book that other people have read too will give you new insights. They might have a different take on a plot or storyline and give you something to think about. This will improve your analytical skills.
  5. Read more than is required – If you are assigned to read a chapter, read two or three! Or if you are asked to read about a certain topic, research it over the internet and find two to three books about it. This will increase your chance of having a more in-depth understanding of the topic because you will have a chance to compare several views.

Reading comprehension can spell the difference between flunking an exam and getting a good grade on it. Following instructions, both verbal and written, to the letter can only be done if you can comprehend certain nuances.

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