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Writing is important for so many reasons. It helps us think clearer and helps us in remembering things. No matter how ‘sharp’ we think our memory is, the truth is, we forget so many things over the course of a day. Also, memory is affected by several factors such as our emotional state at the time, our beliefs, our self-image. Ever wondered why, when we set out to do something and it does not come out with the results we have in mind, we are dumbfounded as to where we went wrong?

Writing will solve issues like these. Moreover, writing has other more important functions that maybe we aren’t aware of yet.

  1. Writing down your goals are important. A written goal brings clarity and focus. It gives you a direction. And rewriting your goals reaffirm what your goals are and show you new insights that bring more focus to your life.
  2. Writing things down will remind you to focus. Instead of wasting time doing low-priority tasks, a written list of what you have to do will always put you back on track.
  3. Unloading your mental RAM. Our brain gets tired too. It is very easy for our brain, especially when tired, to get information overload. Most of the time, more than half of these information can easily be transcribed, thus easing the pressure on our brain to remember. This in effect will allow our brain to relax, which in turn makes us feel less stressed out.
  4. Clearer thinking. You can’t hold that many thoughts in your head at once. If you want to solve a proble, it can be helpful to write down the facts, pros and cons, possible solutions, etc.

Is it any wonder why in an organized business meeting, it is important for someone to take down the minutes? But then, you do not have to be in a business meeting to start writing things down. As a student, there are still a lot of benefits in writing checklists, goals and to-do lists.

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