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Changing a Habit

Year in and year out, we are made aware, through self-realization or otherwise, of habits that we need to get rid of. Most of the time, these habits get us into hot water (REPEATEDLY) and vow to change them… and then we fail. Don’t be disheartened though. Remember that everytime we try to get rid of a bad habit, we are trying to step out of our comfort zone. And comfort zones are oh so comfortable! However, there are ways we can psyche ourselves into improving ourselves. One is to change one bad habit at a time. Usually, the idea of becoming a ‘brand-new, better you’ makes us want to overhaul so many things at the same time. Unlike cars though whose parts can be replaced all at once in a matter of days, changing several habits will take so much time and effort to the point that our initial enthusiasm will abandon us. If this happens, we go back to our comfort zones, never mind if they are unhealthy for us. Remember, it is better to focus all our energies into getting rid of just one bad habit, and then proceed to the next one once we’ve succeeded. Ultimately, we will get rid of all of them, and finally(!) have visible results of that ‘brand new you’. Now, what a boost to the self-esteem that would be, don’t you think?

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