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R U a Gud Splr?

Txt splng- the bane of properly written English. A by-product of the SMS craze, it has affected not only students, but even professional adults! Using text lingo is acceptable (to some) only when sending an SMS (we at AHEAD still believe in spelling words out completely, even when sending text messages); not when writing out an essay, or answering an exam. Unfortunately, most students forget this and teachers correcting test papers can only shake their heads in regret when they have to mark as incorrect answers that would’ve been right, except the spelling isn’t. Let’s face it, text spelling might be convenient for plenty, but it sure is no help when it comes to exams. How do we switch from text mode to proper spelling mode then? The only answer is to always be aware when writing things down. Taking note of silent letters and double T’s and L’s will be very helpful as well. Doodling, using tricky words that will come out in your mastery tests, instead of your own name will also make you feel comfortable writing down long, unfamiliar words. How will this affect you in the long run? Tremendously.

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