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Know Thyself

Know yourself, your priorities, and your motives. This is one of the best ways to live a fuller and happier life. Knowing what you are willing to sacrifice and give up to achieve a goal will allow you to set reasonable standards for yourself. There are certain keys to discovering more about oneself, and one of these is to ask yourself questions, questions that can only be answered after some self-examination. These questions are designed to keep you focused, and on track daily.

  1. To whom will it matter? Or simply put, who cares? There are a lot of things we want to do in our daily life that are put on the backburner because we are afraid of what other people will think of us. When we answer this question honestly, we will realize that there are only a few persons’ opinions that would matter to us, and the others would be, well, irrelevant.
  2. What is the most important thing you can do right now? Asking yourself this question will make you focus almost immediately on your most urgent priority. Sometimes, it might not be the answer we would want to hear (after all, Facebook or play PSP will definitely not be the answer) but once we are aware (again) of what we have to do, the chances of us concentrating on it will be bigger.
  3. Will This Matter in 5 Years? If the answer to questions such as this is yes, then we know that we have to do our best to make things happen. If not, then we know not to get all stressed out.

Setting and knowing our priorities is the main objective of asking yourself questions. In the same way that teachers come up with exams to measure how much you’ve learned, questioning yourself, continuously, over a period of time, is a way of measuring how much you’ve matured, or grown as a person.

Comments on: "Know Thyself" (1)

  1. When I was younger, I used to be so concerned about what people think of me. Maybe because of the inherent insecurities of being young. But that’s a distant memory now. As long as I’m not stepping on anyone and a decision can make me sleep peacefully, I’m happy na.

    Btw, thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to leave comments. 🙂

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