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Not to ruin your Christmas break but, don’t you think this long holiday season is a good way to break out of your ‘Cram-Exam’ method? When classes resume next year, most of you will be reminded of your academic responsibilities once your school announces its quarterly exam schedule.

The only way to replace the ‘cram-exam’ method is to come up with a new method to follow. While the following tips, when implemented one after the other, are effective; they, at the moment do not have a name. We leave it up to you to give your unique method a name, provided that your method will have the following tips in it.

  1. Establish a routine. The main difference between your method from the ‘cram-exam’ one is that you will set aside a specific time each day for your study and stick to this schedule.
  2. Create a study environment. If you’re used to studying in front of a tv set, while commercials are being aired, then now is the time to look around your house and find a nook where you can read your notes without being disturbed. Make sure that you have a desk, comfortable chair, a fan for ventilation and enough lighting in that area.
  3. Have variety when studying. Study different subjects everyday so you don’t get bored. Even if a particular subject or topic will demand additional time from you, try to break it down into smaller pieces that won’t overwhelm you. Studying a difficult subject is much like eating steak: it’s easier to chew when cut into smaller pieces, and having it at every meal will make you sick of it too.
  4. Avoid interrupting your concentration. Let’s face it, studying your notes and textbooks even for an hour straight, without texting or logging into Facebook must be pure torture. We can assure you that it becomes easier with practice. Focusing on your studies for a full hour at a time will be more productive than multitasking for two and a half hours.
  5. Reward yourself for studying. Buy yourself an ice-cream cone. Play basketball with your friends! Do something that will make you feel good about what you’ve just done (studying) but remember: YOU HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL AFTER YOU’RE DONE. Otherwise, it won’t be a reward anymore. You have to make yourself feel that you earned something.

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