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Learning Every Day

How long does it take before you finish your education? In the Philippine school system, one year is spent in kindergarten, six years in elementary, four years in high school and anywhere from three to 10 years in college. Add all this up and that’s as many as 17 years of reading books, doing assignments, answering exams, and spending time with your classmates and teachers. Yes, 17 years in school. But do these 17 years mean the end of your education? Certainly, not!

Education is a continuous process of learning whether you are inside or outside of the classroom. Every day you learn new things. Every day you have the opportunity to educate yourself. Your teacher may be the person seating beside you in the jeepney, a street vendor, or a teammate in a sports club. Your teacher may be all the different things you experience in life, whether good or bad.

Finishing school is not finishing education. Your education will continue every day of your life. Besides, even after snagging that much-coveted college diploma, there is still so much of the world to discover, to learn, and to know.

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  1. I certainly agree! One’s education shouldn’t STOP once you are outside the four walls of the classroom. Learning can take many forms and how you want to learn is up to you. Reading and taking classes is just one way. Traveling is another. Seeking out new experiences and acquiring new skills whether it is pottery or surfing or preparing sushi are all good.

    Everyday is a great opportunity to make life richer and more colorful. Learning new things certainly make life more exciting!

  2. Well said, Olive! 🙂

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