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Next week, a new school year begins. But before we get into the swing of things, let’s review our notes on note-taking.

Most students take taking notes for granted. Some don’t even try at all. They rely on what is retained from discussions and stored knowledge. Though skipping taking notes saves energy and paper, it may also reduce your ability to retain the day’s lesson.

Note-taking is a tedious process. It employs the ability to multitask: While listening to the class discussion, one is also taking down the important points. This becomes especially tricky when processes and cycles are discussed.

Some students make sure their notes are neat and organized. Some even use different colors of pens to highlight certain points. Some even rewrite their notes and transform them into organized reviewers. They take raw points and during their study time, they input the information in their notebooks. Aside from having an attractive notebook, this also allows them to review and go through their lessons one more time. Indeed, a neat notebook makes reviewers unnecessary.

But notes are helpful to almost all students. Every day, we attend several classes. Some are formal classes and some are tutorials. And it is impossible to retain every information and lesson without taking notes. Though handouts have become quite popular, taking notes still adds a personal touch. What you take note have been processed by your understanding already. Therefore, this reflects what you have learned and what you go back to when it’s time to study. This also allows you to go back on certain points that you may have found complicated in class. This is helpful when you have questions to ask.

Some students find taking notes unnecessary while some find it highly effective. One need not come up with a colorful, book-like notebook to reap its rewards. Just be sure to take note of what you need in a way that you can easily access.


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