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Working Students

The past week saw thousands of students troop back to school. For some families, unfortunately, education is no longer a priority. In order to continue their education, some students end up working, most of them augmenting their family’s funds as well.

Working while studying takes the difficulty of both tasks to the next level. As a student, the time allotted for studying is lessened. One’s concentration is divided. Studying alone is very tiring, and working heightens the stress level of the student. He may need to sleep less and spend less time on recreation.

If not for proper time management, one’s grade and health may easily go down the drain. The working student will have to create a well-thought of schedule and follow it dutifully.

On the other hand, working while studying is much better than not studying at all. Some look at working as a challenge, not a problem. It is a gift given to the student for him to continue his studies.

Working teaches the student the importance of money and the concept of budgeting since he has already experienced how hard it is to earn. At the same time, it prepares him early for the real world after college. This goes to show that although there maybe hindrances, the dream of having a degree is not at all impossible.

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