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Most people find reading an enjoyable hobby. Some, however, find it a challenging task. The thought of sitting for hours reading a book, especially with no pictures, scare some people. They just find it boring.

As students, we are expected to read books and handouts for our lessons. Some teachers even ask us to read additional materials to further enhance our learning. Students who usually have a hard time reading for their lessons have a harder time keeping up in class because they mostly rely on class discussions. Some just scan the selections for the most important information. Though some find this effective for exams, it does not guarantee retention. Therefore, the learning aspect is affected.

The ability to enjoy reading is not a talent. Reading novels may be different from reading handouts but there’s no reason for you not to enjoy both. A good trick to enjoy reading is doing it when you’re bored. Try it during your free time when you’re most likely to get engrossed with what you’re reading. If you find reading pure words boring, you can look for similar references with illustrations and pictures. The Internet also has interactive and comprehensive reading materials you can enjoy. Be resourceful and open-minded. If you stop thinking that reading is boring and tiring, you will actually find a great way to spend time. Also, start small. If you’re just trying it for the first time, don’t overwhelm yourself with thick books. Instead, begin with thin novels. In time, you will find yourself reading and reading more.


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