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It is a normal to feel some kind of anxiety, especially when it comes to taking an exam. The pressure from parents to do well and the demands from school to accomplish requirements can add up and create a lot of stress among students. This becomes even more pronounced come examination time.

This is the moment of truth, the time when you must prove yourself.

When you are too stressed out, however, you may be incapable of functioning properly. You may find it difficult to perform the way you normally do. Indeed, stress can be an obstacle to attaining good grades and accomplishing tasks completely. Here are a few suggestions to relieve some of the anxieties you are likely to experience, especially during examination time:

  • Learn to manage your time. Making good use of your time will decrease the amount of tension in your body. Give yourself a good head start. Allot sufficient time to review your lessons long before exam week. Make a study schedule and follow it strictly. You will feel a lot less anxious because you are well prepared.
  • Get organized. Create your own structure of order. Be systematic in taking notes, accomplishing assignments, or keeping track of other important school papers. It is difficult to be relaxed in a disorganized atmosphere. Have a written schedule. Keep an organizer handy.
  • Make your study place conducive to learning. Keep it free from anything that may distract you. Some students like playing soft music; it soothes their mind, making it easy for them to absorb whatever it is they need to learn.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. No matter what you do, you must give your mind time to rest, and this is exactly what sleep can do for you. By getting enough sleep, you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready for another round of studies. 

There other techniques that could relieve your stress during your quarter exams. Keep in mind, however, that what may work for you may not work for others. Most of all, believe in yourself and what you can do. Building up your confidence can alleviate a lot of the stress you are encountering and help you perform your best.


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