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Habits of Successful People

We all admire successful people, those who have made it despite the odds. We attribute all sorts of characteristics to them: they are intelligent, they had the support of their families in their endeavours, they went to all the right schools and met all the right people. All these may be true, but come to think of it. Lots of people in this planet can say the same things about themselves. We all know of someone who has the IQ of a genius but has a dead-end job. Or a person with all the right connections, but lives off his friends and family. What then, are the factors that decide if a person is bound for success or doomed to mediocrity?

Plenty of studies have been done on these people, and plenty more have tried to analyze their lives, trying to figure out what makes these certain individuals stand out from the rest. It seems that what makes them different is not merely what they have, but what they are.

  • They take action – you know what they say, “not all changes are good, but there won’t be any change, good or bad, if you don’t take action.” Successful people believe that an action taken, whether it turns out to be for better or worse, is better than not making a decision, thus taking no action at all. As Franklin Roosevelt once said, “But above all, try something.”
  • They do things even if they don’t feel like it – everybody has to do something they don’t want to do at some point. For students, it might be reviewing for a subject that they may not feel is their strongest suit. For a salesman, it might be calling a difficult but potentially rewarding prospect. Whatever is is, these extraordinary people grit their teeth and do it.
  • They do one thing at a time only – focusing your energies on one thing only makes accomplishing the task much easier. No internal confusion within the person is created and the results of such an effort is oftentimes much better.

As you can see, these habits that successful people have are those that anyone, of any age, of any social status can imitate. All that is needed is patience, discipline… a lot of discipline, and a strong, burning desire to be the best possible person one can be.


R U a Gud Splr?

Txt splng- the bane of properly written English. A by-product of the SMS craze, it has affected not only students, but even professional adults! Using text lingo is acceptable (to some) only when sending an SMS (we at AHEAD still believe in spelling words out completely, even when sending text messages); not when writing out an essay, or answering an exam. Unfortunately, most students forget this and teachers correcting test papers can only shake their heads in regret when they have to mark as incorrect answers that would’ve been right, except the spelling isn’t. Let’s face it, text spelling might be convenient for plenty, but it sure is no help when it comes to exams. How do we switch from text mode to proper spelling mode then? The only answer is to always be aware when writing things down. Taking note of silent letters and double T’s and L’s will be very helpful as well. Doodling, using tricky words that will come out in your mastery tests, instead of your own name will also make you feel comfortable writing down long, unfamiliar words. How will this affect you in the long run? Tremendously.

The Best Gifts You Can Give This Christmas

If you are wondering what to get for your child this Christmas, (after buying him the latest PSP last month) we at AHEAD have come up with some suggestions:

  1. Books – kids today are fast ‘unlearning’ the art of reading. Which is a shame because as we all know, books are very important in the development of our brains and imagination. As parents, it is our duty to instill in them the habit of reading. There are lots of authors out there whose books are avidly read by kids and adults alike. Only goes to show that books are for kids of all ages!
  2. Language Lessons – These can be in English or in any other language that your child expresses an interest in. Practical? Of course! A seemingly fleeting interest in the French or Spanish language might be an early sign that a budding multi-linguist is in your midst. Introduce your child to the idea that he can do and be anything he wants to become.
  3. Summer Courses– You might be thinking that summer is still months away. True. But by the time summer comes around, you will be too preoccupied to plan for something that needs to take effect right away. There is also the risk that the classes you and your child are planning on enrolling in will be fully booked. The –ber months are usually when companies and businesses give away discounts and promos. Big savings for you, especially if you have plenty of kids to give gifts to. For teenagers who are to enter their Senior year in High School next year, a good present that they will surely appreciate is AHEAD’s UPCAT Review Course. Everyone wants to get into a good university, and though your teen might balk at the extra ‘studying’ she has to do during summer, a few sessions will surely make her change her mind.

The good news is that AHEAD, the review center with the most number of successful entrance examinees, is offering a great rate to those who would reserve slots for next year’s summer review sessions. Up to fifteen percent discount has been given to those who have booked as early as October and this promo is ongoing until the end of this year. A great gift that would definitely outlast the battery of that portable DVD player your child might have started to show interest in.

Happy Mom with Ahead Interactive

Unless you’re a teacher by profession, you are bound to forget Algebra and Geometry. Proving triangles, computing for the unknown and the number X is something you send off to space together with your toga during graduation day. And so for mom’s like me who just deal with daily chores such as getting the food on the table, fixing the house and making sure the bills are paid on time, Algebra and Geometry are just too much of attending to. Never was on top of the class way back good old days and it will take me a week just to brush up on my Logarithms.

Thanks for Ahead Interactive because tutorials have always been crisp and clear. The tutors are genius on these subjects and can easily explain to my kids without getting them frustrated and depressed. I should say leave it to the experts when tutorial sessions are required. Getting a tutor doesn’t make me less a mom. In fact, my kids succeed because they get professional academic advice on how to cope with their homework. I doubt if I can help them as effectively.
– Judy, mother of two.

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