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Unblocking Writer’s Block

If you have difficulty writing essays for your English class, well, now is the right time to polish your composition and construction skills. For instant English help, tutors from AHEAD tutorial and review suggest two pre-writing activities to help get your creative juices flowing:

Brainstorming:  Write down everything that pops into your head about the topic. Don’t restrain yourself, even if the idea seems too farfetched. You’ll soon realize that your random thoughts may not be so random after all. This process can help set the general direction of your essay.

Freewriting: After jotting everything down, try connecting ideas together, constructing them into sentences, and then forming them into paragraphs. Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation at this point; your goal is to make your abstract thoughts more concrete. Read over your essay—writing, editing, and rewriting as you go along—after you’re all done.

Experiencing writer’s block is not uncommon among students. If you are at your wit’s end, try AHEAD Tutorial and Review’s English tutorials to get the best results. AHEAD Tutorial and Review offers English tutorials for preschool, elementary, high school, and college students. For more information, visit


Clear Your Mind for UPCAT

This weekend, thousands of students will be taking the University of the Philippines College Admission Test or simply, the UPCAT. A lot of these high school seniors would be nervous, for sure. After all, the UPCAT is one of the most difficult college entrance exams in the country. However, if you had taken the month-long test-based review program of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center, then you are well prepared for the UPCAT.

And if you had attended AHEAD’s UPCAT Refresher Course a week or so ago, you know exactly what to do.

So for now, relax. Clear your mind and the lessons you’ve learned and practiced and reviewed for the past few months will come back to you when you most need them. Stop worrying! You’ve got this!

Best of luck to AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center students and to all the young people taking the UPCAT this weekend! 🙂

Manage Your Stress During Exams

It is a normal to feel some kind of anxiety, especially when it comes to taking an exam. The pressure from parents to do well and the demands from school to accomplish requirements can add up and create a lot of stress among students. This becomes even more pronounced come examination time.

This is the moment of truth, the time when you must prove yourself.

When you are too stressed out, however, you may be incapable of functioning properly. You may find it difficult to perform the way you normally do. Indeed, stress can be an obstacle to attaining good grades and accomplishing tasks completely. Here are a few suggestions to relieve some of the anxieties you are likely to experience, especially during examination time:

  • Learn to manage your time. Making good use of your time will decrease the amount of tension in your body. Give yourself a good head start. Allot sufficient time to review your lessons long before exam week. Make a study schedule and follow it strictly. You will feel a lot less anxious because you are well prepared.
  • Get organized. Create your own structure of order. Be systematic in taking notes, accomplishing assignments, or keeping track of other important school papers. It is difficult to be relaxed in a disorganized atmosphere. Have a written schedule. Keep an organizer handy.
  • Make your study place conducive to learning. Keep it free from anything that may distract you. Some students like playing soft music; it soothes their mind, making it easy for them to absorb whatever it is they need to learn.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. No matter what you do, you must give your mind time to rest, and this is exactly what sleep can do for you. By getting enough sleep, you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready for another round of studies. 

There other techniques that could relieve your stress during your quarter exams. Keep in mind, however, that what may work for you may not work for others. Most of all, believe in yourself and what you can do. Building up your confidence can alleviate a lot of the stress you are encountering and help you perform your best.

Budgeting Your Allowance

Whether you’re a grade school student or a college freshman, one of the things that you love about school is getting your allowance. Yes, that magic word that gives you a semblance of financial freedom. But while having your own money can be quite exciting, managing it is a different story. Here are some tips to help you budget your allowance effectively:

Prioritize your needs. Parents usually allot a daily amount for all your requirements, which mostly revolves around food and transportation. If you live in a dormitory, set aside money for your weekly food expenses first. Buy your needs first before you even think of spending on your wants.

Exercise discipline. If you get your allowance weekly, you will have a tidy sum on your hands. And the temptation to spend it on things you want but don’t necessarily need is very great. Don’t! If you’re not careful, you might find yourself with no allowance by the end of the week.

Save for the future. Saving is a big part of money management. True, you might only have enough money to last you the week but with a little scrimping, you might be able to save even just a little amount. Don’t underestimate the P50 you were able to save by the end of the week. In four weeks, that P50 would have become P200. In five months, that P200 would have become P1,000. Start small but think big!


The Challenge of Reading

Most people find reading an enjoyable hobby. Some, however, find it a challenging task. The thought of sitting for hours reading a book, especially with no pictures, scare some people. They just find it boring.

As students, we are expected to read books and handouts for our lessons. Some teachers even ask us to read additional materials to further enhance our learning. Students who usually have a hard time reading for their lessons have a harder time keeping up in class because they mostly rely on class discussions. Some just scan the selections for the most important information. Though some find this effective for exams, it does not guarantee retention. Therefore, the learning aspect is affected.

The ability to enjoy reading is not a talent. Reading novels may be different from reading handouts but there’s no reason for you not to enjoy both. A good trick to enjoy reading is doing it when you’re bored. Try it during your free time when you’re most likely to get engrossed with what you’re reading. If you find reading pure words boring, you can look for similar references with illustrations and pictures. The Internet also has interactive and comprehensive reading materials you can enjoy. Be resourceful and open-minded. If you stop thinking that reading is boring and tiring, you will actually find a great way to spend time. Also, start small. If you’re just trying it for the first time, don’t overwhelm yourself with thick books. Instead, begin with thin novels. In time, you will find yourself reading and reading more.


Working Students

The past week saw thousands of students troop back to school. For some families, unfortunately, education is no longer a priority. In order to continue their education, some students end up working, most of them augmenting their family’s funds as well.

Working while studying takes the difficulty of both tasks to the next level. As a student, the time allotted for studying is lessened. One’s concentration is divided. Studying alone is very tiring, and working heightens the stress level of the student. He may need to sleep less and spend less time on recreation.

If not for proper time management, one’s grade and health may easily go down the drain. The working student will have to create a well-thought of schedule and follow it dutifully.

On the other hand, working while studying is much better than not studying at all. Some look at working as a challenge, not a problem. It is a gift given to the student for him to continue his studies.

Working teaches the student the importance of money and the concept of budgeting since he has already experienced how hard it is to earn. At the same time, it prepares him early for the real world after college. This goes to show that although there maybe hindrances, the dream of having a degree is not at all impossible.

A Note on Taking Notes

Next week, a new school year begins. But before we get into the swing of things, let’s review our notes on note-taking.

Most students take taking notes for granted. Some don’t even try at all. They rely on what is retained from discussions and stored knowledge. Though skipping taking notes saves energy and paper, it may also reduce your ability to retain the day’s lesson.

Note-taking is a tedious process. It employs the ability to multitask: While listening to the class discussion, one is also taking down the important points. This becomes especially tricky when processes and cycles are discussed.

Some students make sure their notes are neat and organized. Some even use different colors of pens to highlight certain points. Some even rewrite their notes and transform them into organized reviewers. They take raw points and during their study time, they input the information in their notebooks. Aside from having an attractive notebook, this also allows them to review and go through their lessons one more time. Indeed, a neat notebook makes reviewers unnecessary.

But notes are helpful to almost all students. Every day, we attend several classes. Some are formal classes and some are tutorials. And it is impossible to retain every information and lesson without taking notes. Though handouts have become quite popular, taking notes still adds a personal touch. What you take note have been processed by your understanding already. Therefore, this reflects what you have learned and what you go back to when it’s time to study. This also allows you to go back on certain points that you may have found complicated in class. This is helpful when you have questions to ask.

Some students find taking notes unnecessary while some find it highly effective. One need not come up with a colorful, book-like notebook to reap its rewards. Just be sure to take note of what you need in a way that you can easily access.


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