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Plan for Success


With so many colleges and universities to choose from, students need all the help they can get in deciding which one fits their future plans. Planning Ahead: A Guide to Metro Manila’s Finest Colleges and Universities,a groundbreaking project of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center, can help students arrive at the best decision.

First published in 2000, the updated 2012 edition includes all relevant information about the best colleges and universities in Metro Manila, sourced from the institutions themselves as well as the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

The first book of its kind in the country, Planning Ahead  aims to guide parents and incoming college students in choosing the right university according to the course they intend to take. It provides a range of useful information from course offerings with corresponding career tracks, facilities, and scholarship programs to estimated tuition fees, history, and other significant details.

The book includes the profiles of the following institutions: Assumption College, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University in Manila, Mapua Institute of Technology, Miriam College, San Beda College, Saint Scholastica’s College, University of Asia and the Pacific, University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman, UP Los Baños, UP Manila, and University of Santo Tomas.

Planning Ahead is now available at participating National Bookstore outlets in Metro Manila.




AHEAD Professional Network (AHEADPro) is a division of the multi-awarded AHEAD Learning Systems, Inc., AHEADPro was initially organized to support the recruitment and training activities of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center. AHEADPro has since then established a distinct identity in training services. It now caters to individuals, other private companies, and government agencies.

Its courses are centered on English communication, business correspondence, leadership, management, supervisory skills development, call center training, sales and marketing, and customer service.


Congratulations ACET Passers!

Know Thyself

Know yourself, your priorities, and your motives. This is one of the best ways to live a fuller and happier life. Knowing what you are willing to sacrifice and give up to achieve a goal will allow you to set reasonable standards for yourself. There are certain keys to discovering more about oneself, and one of these is to ask yourself questions, questions that can only be answered after some self-examination. These questions are designed to keep you focused, and on track daily.

  1. To whom will it matter? Or simply put, who cares? There are a lot of things we want to do in our daily life that are put on the backburner because we are afraid of what other people will think of us. When we answer this question honestly, we will realize that there are only a few persons’ opinions that would matter to us, and the others would be, well, irrelevant.
  2. What is the most important thing you can do right now? Asking yourself this question will make you focus almost immediately on your most urgent priority. Sometimes, it might not be the answer we would want to hear (after all, Facebook or play PSP will definitely not be the answer) but once we are aware (again) of what we have to do, the chances of us concentrating on it will be bigger.
  3. Will This Matter in 5 Years? If the answer to questions such as this is yes, then we know that we have to do our best to make things happen. If not, then we know not to get all stressed out.

Setting and knowing our priorities is the main objective of asking yourself questions. In the same way that teachers come up with exams to measure how much you’ve learned, questioning yourself, continuously, over a period of time, is a way of measuring how much you’ve matured, or grown as a person.

Events to Look Forward to in 2010

The year is almost drawing to an end. This year had its moments; both good and bad. We mourned the loss of life and property when several tragedies both natural and man- made struck different parts of our islands; and we rejoiced and held our heads high when Filipinos in different fields proved to the rest of the world that we are, despite adversities, world-class citizens.

In our own backyards, there would be highlights that we would remember this year by. The addition of a new family member, perhaps?  Or the demise of a well- loved household pet. Whatever it is, we are sure that this year is one that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

Next year, the year 2010, is one that plenty of Filipinos look forward to. Aside from the fact that we Pinoys are perpetually optimistic, there’s the national elections that most of us are interested to see what the results will be, there’s Manny Pacquiao’s upcoming fight with Mayweather. And among students, there’s the annual summer vacation to look forward to!

But of course, there’ll still be plenty of happenings before summer. There will be the Seniors’ Ball, the Prom, Recognition Rites. If you are a graduating student, add to that list the Baccalaureate Mass, swapping of graduation pictures with friends, Culminating Activities, receiving of acceptance or refusal letters from universities that you applied to, and of course, the most awaited/dreaded Graduation March.

Next year will be a milestone. For everyone. The year is drawing to an end, and we all would have to bid it farewell. And while some of us might feel that there is nothing to look forward to in 2010, we just gave several. And we’re sure that you can add up to that. Feel free to write us and tell us what happenings in 2010 you’re looking forward to!

Stunters (Warning: Don’t EVER Do This to Yourself)

We all aim for personal growth. Each day, we find ways to improve ourselves and continuously strive for improvement. It is not uncommon for us then, to experience disappointments and setbacks. Each time this happens, we have two choices: get up and try again, or wallow in misery. If you choose the first, then good for you; feeling sorry for yourself will not really get things done. There are other things that you should never do to yourself too. Here are some of them:

  1. Don’t think that you already know everything. Know-it-alls seldom learn new things; and there are always new things to learn. Therefore, know-it-alls DON’T know everything. Being close minded will make it very difficult for you to achieve personal growth. Not only that, this sort of attitude will turn –off potential mentors and friends.
  2. Giving up. We are all familiar with the success stories that start off with the person’s idea being rejected a thousand times. Different personalities, different products, different eras. The only thing they have in common is none of them gave up, no matter what. As they say, failing in something is a good way to become better at something.
  3. Don’t worry about what other people will think. They might react badly to change that you are imposing on yourself. But let it be. People who truly love you will eventually get over it and will support you. The rest? They don’t matter. Never let other people’s negativism rain on your parade.
  4. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Having unrealistic expectations from yourself is like self-flagellation. Always have realistic expectations. Know who you are and what you can do. Don’t use other people’s success to measure yours.

Success is a product of many failures. So do not be disappointed, nor give up, if things don’t go your way. Always remember to look at the brighter side of things, learn from the mistakes, and make sure that you don’t do them again.

Scholarships Matter

My kid used to have a college plan. Not anymore. When management relocated me to an area in the Visayas region, I decided to resign and just concentrate on raising my then 3 year old daughter. I did not regret that decision because I believed that my family should always come first.

Alas the bills started to arrive. My husband’s salary would cover most of them, but some, like monthly payments for the college plan had to be stopped. After several family meetings, my husband and I decided to discontinue it. It wasn’t a very hard decision to make because by then, the viability of pre-need plans was making headlines. With the principal that was refunded to us, I decided to start a home based business that somehow eased the monetary demands on my husband.

While everything was ok, I, as a mother, could not help but worry for my daughter’s future. What if something happened to me or her dad? I knew my daughter will not lack for relatives who would take her in but who was to say if her schooling and other material needs will be met?

Because of that, I decided to invest on my daughter herself. My daughter had started school and seemed to have the potential to go far. She became her preschool’s class valedictorian and was given a scholarship for the next school year. Encouraged by her teachers, I enrolled her in an after school tutorial program. It turned out to be the right thing to do because that year, she once again reaped awards left and right and got another scholarship.

My daughter’s outstanding performance in school has been consistent over the years and this has brought me and my family much joy. She has also chosen to continue with her after-school tutorial sessions, and honestly, I am relieved, as some of the lessons they are now teaching in her level are beyond my comprehension!

After all these years, I’ve realized that my daughter, even while in school, has contributed a lot to our family’s budget. Because of the scholarships she has been receiving, my husband and I have one less financial obligation to worry about. Given the high cost of tuition fees, the money saved has been substantial. A big part of this we have put in a trust fund in our daughter’s name. And why not? She has earned it.

Now that my daughter is older, I am a little less worried about the possibility of her being left alone in case something untoward happens to me or my husband. She has been well-taken care of, her schooling and other monetary issues almost non-existent.

I believe that all these would not have been possible if she, at an early age, was not under the tutelage of good teachers and tutors. I, as her mother, will be the first to admit that I would not have been the best person she can approach if she had problems understanding certain subjects in school. And I believe that I have done a better job as a mother, because the time we spent together has been mostly for bonding and leisure.

My daughter now wants to go to a certain school for her degree. Her college plan might have been able to absorb some of the tuition costs, had I continued to pay for it. But because I did not, and instead chose to pay for tutorial lessons, I am now sure that she will be able to take the course of her choice in her favored university, even without my help. How? Through scholarships, of course, scholarships that my daughter is confident she will be able to get because of her academic preparedness.

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