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Happy Mom with Ahead Interactive

Unless you’re a teacher by profession, you are bound to forget Algebra and Geometry. Proving triangles, computing for the unknown and the number X is something you send off to space together with your toga during graduation day. And so for mom’s like me who just deal with daily chores such as getting the food on the table, fixing the house and making sure the bills are paid on time, Algebra and Geometry are just too much of attending to. Never was on top of the class way back good old days and it will take me a week just to brush up on my Logarithms.

Thanks for Ahead Interactive because tutorials have always been crisp and clear. The tutors are genius on these subjects and can easily explain to my kids without getting them frustrated and depressed. I should say leave it to the experts when tutorial sessions are required. Getting a tutor doesn’t make me less a mom. In fact, my kids succeed because they get professional academic advice on how to cope with their homework. I doubt if I can help them as effectively.
– Judy, mother of two.


Ahead Interactive face to face challenge

Over 25 million Filipinos have access to the internet. Whether installed at home or accessed through an internet cafe nearby, the internet is very much becoming a necessity. This is so because it is capable of services that were just a dream twenty years before. Movies of Sean Connery would feature walkie-talkies installed in his sports car that would visualize Q on the other end of the line. Today, you dont’ need to become James Bond to have that gadget.
This visual feature is maximized by Ahead Interactive in delivering tutorial services to its clients who would rather stay home and have their kids tutored at the comforts of their own study desks. Ahead interactive gets their brilliant teachers online with the student and like any face to face tutorial, gets the assignments done, face to face as well but virtually. JLB.

The importance of drills

Ahead Interactive caters to different types of learners. One type of learner masters the subject matter through drill work. This is evident in the Math subjects, but not specific. Drills in math, science and english subjects helps the students become comfortable in the process of reading, analysis and mastery. Some students get the theories in one pass. Other students become more confident with more drills. Ahead interactive confidently drills the students with their online tools so that the subject matter become second nature to the student.

Using Ahead Interactive with academic drills is effective because the tutorial system of Ahead Interactive offers comfort and convenience that makes academic drills fun. Imagine giving drills when the student is hungry, tired from school and thinking of the travel home, not to mention the traffic ahead. After the student arrives home, has taken his or her snack, has become comfortable with their own environment, he or she can open the computer, log into the net and meet his or her teacher for fun drills. Try Ahead Interactive. JLB.

Ahead Interactive maximizes learning with one-on-one tutorials

Looking for a school that has a smaller class size will definitely cost an arm and a leg nowadays. Compromising affordable quality education can come in quality one-on-one tutorials with Ahead Interactive. Ahead Interactive is founded on the teaching strategies of one to one learning where teacher can focus on her student’s needs and develop learning styles that can truly help her student. The use of the internet tools has advanced teaching strategies so that the teacher is able to cope up with the demands of the students. More and more students strive ahead and therefore, the more chances and venues to deliver learning competencies, the more students will have fun in acquiring knowledge and skills. Try Ahead Interactive and see the amazing difference.

Choosing Ahead Interactive is less costly

Tutorials are not cornered by the ‘poor in grades’ academic market. With parent doubling jobs and both at work or in business, making sure students are well guided with their subjects is a hurdle. With the many subjects a student has to master and increasing knowledge skills that they need to practice, getting a tutor is part of education expenses whether you’re top ten below or top ten. Ahead Interactive offers less costly way to tutorials. With internet connection prices going down, and the state-of-the-art hardware and software that Ahead Interactive equips the tutorial sessions, tutorials with Ahead Interactive is less costly compared to going to a tutor an hour away from home. The student saves time in traveling and can use the extra hours for play or rest.

UPCAT Today and Tomorrow: The Best of Luck from Ahead Interactive!

To all UPCAT takers, hope floats! Getting ahead of the exam is preparation. Even on the exam day itself, preparation is still the key.
1. Good sleep takes stress off and therefore makes your mind ready to recall stock knowledge and answer with ease.
2. Good diet such as a full breakfast will help your mind work better. Protein sustains mind work for long periods of time.
3. Good pencils and exam tools will make you less nervous and rattled. Imagine panic setting in if your pencils suddenly snaps out.
4. Go at least 30 minutes earlier to the exam rooms to make sure you’re in the right room. If not, you still have time to look for the correct exam venue.
5. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You’ll be seated with other takers and therefore you might get conscious as most teeners do. Just wear something simple and comfortable and pace yourself when going to the exam venue.
6. It doesn’t hurt to pray before the exam.

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