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The importance of drills

Ahead Interactive caters to different types of learners. One type of learner masters the subject matter through drill work. This is evident in the Math subjects, but not specific. Drills in math, science and english subjects helps the students become comfortable in the process of reading, analysis and mastery. Some students get the theories in one pass. Other students become more confident with more drills. Ahead interactive confidently drills the students with their online tools so that the subject matter become second nature to the student.

Using Ahead Interactive with academic drills is effective because the tutorial system of Ahead Interactive offers comfort and convenience that makes academic drills fun. Imagine giving drills when the student is hungry, tired from school and thinking of the travel home, not to mention the traffic ahead. After the student arrives home, has taken his or her snack, has become comfortable with their own environment, he or she can open the computer, log into the net and meet his or her teacher for fun drills. Try Ahead Interactive. JLB.


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