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Make way for the UPCAT exam takers

One effective way of preparing for a college entrance exam is to go over past lessons a month or two before the actual exam. This will help exam takers become more relaxed and confident in answering any test.

Ahead’s Refresher Courses for the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT) were held in various venues around the metro.

In Alabang, the Refresher Course took place last July 6 at the Hall of  St. James the Great Parish (What a beautiful church!). Everybody was excited to meet up with the new friends they made during the summer review class in Ahead Alabang.

The program started with the singing of our National Anthem (which everybody sang in good note) and an inspirational talk from Mrs. Cecile Cuna, Ahead Tutorial and Review Center Alabang franchise owner. Michael Kakulitan, an UPCAT passer and Ahead College Entrance Test Review student, shared his ups and downs during the UPCAT exam. Then, there were giving out of certificates and ice breakers to perk up the students in between lectures. The students made sure that they are up to the challenge.

The UPCAT was held last August 2 and 3 at different testing centers all over the country. Imagine over 70,000 students flocked to the designated centers just to take this five-hour test.  Many are called, but few are chosen, so they say.  On average, out of the thousands taking the UPCAT, only about 10% actual pass.

So, as early as now, we would like to commend everybody who took the exam.  Taking the UPCAT is hard work.  Pat yourselves on the back for getting through it. Congratulations!

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