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Tutorials Even on Rainy Days

The weather becomes signal number 2 and classes are suspended. Though the kids could get an extra hour or two of sleep, the whole day becomes unproductive. For teachers, it becomes more than a calamity because that means the lesson for the day will bump off the lessons for the next days and so on. Pressure due to suspension of classes will be felt by students when they come back to school. Lessons will be crammed for sure.
With Ahead Interactive, rainy or shine, classes go on. With online tutorials, as long as one has that internet connection, studies are sustained.
Review becomes a habit that will help the students get their learnings sustained. There are no rainy days with Ahead Interactive. Tutorials are done under the student’s warm and dry home so even with heavy rain, students via the online tutorials can catch up on the subject matter for the day.


Happy Mom with Ahead Interactive

Unless you’re a teacher by profession, you are bound to forget Algebra and Geometry. Proving triangles, computing for the unknown and the number X is something you send off to space together with your toga during graduation day. And so for mom’s like me who just deal with daily chores such as getting the food on the table, fixing the house and making sure the bills are paid on time, Algebra and Geometry are just too much of attending to. Never was on top of the class way back good old days and it will take me a week just to brush up on my Logarithms.

Thanks for Ahead Interactive because tutorials have always been crisp and clear. The tutors are genius on these subjects and can easily explain to my kids without getting them frustrated and depressed. I should say leave it to the experts when tutorial sessions are required. Getting a tutor doesn’t make me less a mom. In fact, my kids succeed because they get professional academic advice on how to cope with their homework. I doubt if I can help them as effectively.
– Judy, mother of two.

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