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La Salle Day!

Today is not just an ordinary Monday.

To those taking up the La Salle Greenhills High School Entrance Exam, Monday is really the day to start with! Keep your head high and be confident.

We are greeting every LSGH HS exam takers a happy day AHEAD! Do well in the exam and congratulations! đŸ™‚


How to pass the ACET

Students aspiring to take off with the wings of an eagle will have to take the first bout before soaring with their college career.

The ACET Refresher Course does not only help the students remember the past lessons. More importantly, it motivates them to do better, gain confidence, and be prepared. This is what Tiffany Kintanar did when she took the ACET last year. She inspired the students to do more and remain positive during the ACET Refresher Course held at Quezon City Sports Complex last August 31. Samantha Fajardo, also an ACET Passer, gave her testimony before the students who attended the ACET Refresher Course in Alabang last August 10 and 17.

There really is no secret ingredient on how to pass the ACET. Just remember what we took up during the Refresher Course and do the best you can! So, free your mind from worries! Good luck to everyone who will take the ACET this weekend! 


Here are the answers to the Ateneo Trivia:

  1. b (1959)
  2. a (Escuela Municipal de Manila)
  3. b (Intramuros and Padre Faura, both in Manila)
  4. a (A Song for Mary)
  5. False (Ateneo is a founding member of NCAA)
  6. b (1987, 1988, 2002)
  7. a (Lux in domino)
  8. b (wolves)
  9. a (1930’s)
  10. c (Pres. Aquino was given an honorary doctorate by the university in 1986, but she never studied there)

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Refreshments at the Refresher Course

Wondering who’s that pretty lady in red on our brochures and flyers? That’s Carmina Mangalindan — an UPCAT and ACET Passer and Ahead College Entrance Test Review Student. She shared her experience about the UPCAT during the Refresher Course held in Quezon City Sports Complex last July 20. The program was packed with lessons, games, and some gentle but useful reminders. Do you know what to do the night before the exam? Don’t cram! Students who attended the review class know these by heart. Let us share them to you:

  1. Remember to bring your test permit, ID, pencils with erasers, pens, and small ruler with you. Don’t forget your jacket, hand fan, analog wristwatch and of course, snacks and drinks. These will really help you during exams especially when you feel uncomfortable inside the testing rooms.
  2. Prepare for calamities. No matter how bad the weather is, the UPCAT will go on!
  3. Don’t wear new clothes and shoes which you haven’t “broken in”.
  4. Don’t study anymore. Let your brain rest.
  5. Get enough sleep. Eight hours is enough—nothing more, nothing less.
  6. Don’t eat new food to avoid allergy and indigestion.
  7. Relax! 

Students had a great time re-learning the lessons, meeting new and old friends, and of course, getting freebies from our sponsors! Thanks to Royal Tru-Orange, Quake Cake, Mentos Chewing Gum, Lucky Me! Supreme, Chippy, Dynamite candy, and Multivitamins Enervon – More Energy, Mas Happy!


Surely, the students didn’t go home empty-handed!



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