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Mommy Giselle at the night time shift

I work night shifts. My kids and I only have about two hours together before I need to leave for work. Those two hours are truly precious. The time I get home from work is about the time kids leave for school. I don’t have the luxury to sit with the kids to do their homework, much less listen to their stories from school. Weekends are more priceless for these bonding sessions.

Ahead Interactive helps me make sure that the kids are able to cope with their academic requirements. The teachers at Ahead Interactive are online so the kids don’t need to go to other place for their tutorials. I don’t even have to worry about strangers sitting inside my home, with my kids, without me there. My partner just makes sure that the kids are logged in and that they are focused on the instructions of the tutor. I believe that study habits are best nurtured while the kids are young. I’m happy that Ahead Interactive helps me nurture these habits.


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