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UPCAT Today and Tomorrow: The Best of Luck from Ahead Interactive!

To all UPCAT takers, hope floats! Getting ahead of the exam is preparation. Even on the exam day itself, preparation is still the key.
1. Good sleep takes stress off and therefore makes your mind ready to recall stock knowledge and answer with ease.
2. Good diet such as a full breakfast will help your mind work better. Protein sustains mind work for long periods of time.
3. Good pencils and exam tools will make you less nervous and rattled. Imagine panic setting in if your pencils suddenly snaps out.
4. Go at least 30 minutes earlier to the exam rooms to make sure you’re in the right room. If not, you still have time to look for the correct exam venue.
5. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You’ll be seated with other takers and therefore you might get conscious as most teeners do. Just wear something simple and comfortable and pace yourself when going to the exam venue.
6. It doesn’t hurt to pray before the exam.


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