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Plan for Success


With so many colleges and universities to choose from, students need all the help they can get in deciding which one fits their future plans. Planning Ahead: A Guide to Metro Manila’s Finest Colleges and Universities,a groundbreaking project of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center, can help students arrive at the best decision.

First published in 2000, the updated 2012 edition includes all relevant information about the best colleges and universities in Metro Manila, sourced from the institutions themselves as well as the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

The first book of its kind in the country, Planning Ahead  aims to guide parents and incoming college students in choosing the right university according to the course they intend to take. It provides a range of useful information from course offerings with corresponding career tracks, facilities, and scholarship programs to estimated tuition fees, history, and other significant details.

The book includes the profiles of the following institutions: Assumption College, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University in Manila, Mapua Institute of Technology, Miriam College, San Beda College, Saint Scholastica’s College, University of Asia and the Pacific, University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman, UP Los Baños, UP Manila, and University of Santo Tomas.

Planning Ahead is now available at participating National Bookstore outlets in Metro Manila.


Clear Your Mind for UPCAT

This weekend, thousands of students will be taking the University of the Philippines College Admission Test or simply, the UPCAT. A lot of these high school seniors would be nervous, for sure. After all, the UPCAT is one of the most difficult college entrance exams in the country. However, if you had taken the month-long test-based review program of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center, then you are well prepared for the UPCAT.

And if you had attended AHEAD’s UPCAT Refresher Course a week or so ago, you know exactly what to do.

So for now, relax. Clear your mind and the lessons you’ve learned and practiced and reviewed for the past few months will come back to you when you most need them. Stop worrying! You’ve got this!

Best of luck to AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center students and to all the young people taking the UPCAT this weekend! 🙂



by Marvin Diegor (Student Contributor)

Another day, another class; and the subject for today: Science. It is defined as the study-of-the-physical-and-natural-world-and-phenomena- especially-by-using-systematic-observation-and-experiment! Well, that’s a mouthful isn’t it?

To be honest, I’m not very good at it. But for today, we were tasked to answer General Science, Biology, Chemistry and (heartbeat sound effects) Physics. I was lucky enough to correctly answer at least 7 questions out of 20 per topic! Phew, it was so hard.

Right then and there, I thought: would this be my situation when I’m sitting in the once-a-year UPCAT? Or maybe, the Ateneo College Entrance Exam or that of De La Salle University? Would my minimal knowledge in Science be a hindrance to achieving my dreams? I shuddered at the thought. Well, that won’t happen… I hope. AND I trust my lecturers at Ahead to teach the right things to me.

Just recently, I actually had fun learning about Science thingamajigs. We were grouped into fives and I was lucky enough to have knowledgeable group mates. But even with their knowledge, we still didn’t win. It was a close fight though. The winning team was only 2 points ahead of us. Anyways, I realized that I didn’t have to know everything, only the important things that I need to get through life. Most professionals didn’t need to know everything, but at least they’re not dumb-struck when they are asked, “What is the most abundant gas on Earth?” Well? FYI, it’s Nitrogen which comprises 70% of the Earth’s atmosphere (nope, it’s not Oxygen, which was my mistake too).

My confidence has developed a bit and that’s good enough for me! I still got a year left (which is my fourth year). Well, two months actually since UPCAT is on August 1 or 2, 2009 (heartbeat sound effects getting louder). Well, when the time comes, I’ll be sitting there with all the things I learned. And when I pass, the rest, as they say, will be history; and I shall never forget how a little group of five had fun on how they learned what kind of animals develop a placenta.

Good luck to all aspiring Iskolars ng Bayan, Green Archers, and Blue Eagles!


Hooray to the future Blue Eagles and Green Archers!


Congratulations for passing the ACET and the DLSUCET! We’ll post names so just keep on checking our blogs and other networking sites.


Don’t worry UPCAT takers, February is almost here and sooner or later, UPCAT results will be released.


Have a happy day Ahead!

Refreshments at the Refresher Course

Wondering who’s that pretty lady in red on our brochures and flyers? That’s Carmina Mangalindan — an UPCAT and ACET Passer and Ahead College Entrance Test Review Student. She shared her experience about the UPCAT during the Refresher Course held in Quezon City Sports Complex last July 20. The program was packed with lessons, games, and some gentle but useful reminders. Do you know what to do the night before the exam? Don’t cram! Students who attended the review class know these by heart. Let us share them to you:

  1. Remember to bring your test permit, ID, pencils with erasers, pens, and small ruler with you. Don’t forget your jacket, hand fan, analog wristwatch and of course, snacks and drinks. These will really help you during exams especially when you feel uncomfortable inside the testing rooms.
  2. Prepare for calamities. No matter how bad the weather is, the UPCAT will go on!
  3. Don’t wear new clothes and shoes which you haven’t “broken in”.
  4. Don’t study anymore. Let your brain rest.
  5. Get enough sleep. Eight hours is enough—nothing more, nothing less.
  6. Don’t eat new food to avoid allergy and indigestion.
  7. Relax! 

Students had a great time re-learning the lessons, meeting new and old friends, and of course, getting freebies from our sponsors! Thanks to Royal Tru-Orange, Quake Cake, Mentos Chewing Gum, Lucky Me! Supreme, Chippy, Dynamite candy, and Multivitamins Enervon – More Energy, Mas Happy!


Surely, the students didn’t go home empty-handed!



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Make way for the UPCAT exam takers

One effective way of preparing for a college entrance exam is to go over past lessons a month or two before the actual exam. This will help exam takers become more relaxed and confident in answering any test.

Ahead’s Refresher Courses for the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT) were held in various venues around the metro.

In Alabang, the Refresher Course took place last July 6 at the Hall of  St. James the Great Parish (What a beautiful church!). Everybody was excited to meet up with the new friends they made during the summer review class in Ahead Alabang.

The program started with the singing of our National Anthem (which everybody sang in good note) and an inspirational talk from Mrs. Cecile Cuna, Ahead Tutorial and Review Center Alabang franchise owner. Michael Kakulitan, an UPCAT passer and Ahead College Entrance Test Review student, shared his ups and downs during the UPCAT exam. Then, there were giving out of certificates and ice breakers to perk up the students in between lectures. The students made sure that they are up to the challenge.

The UPCAT was held last August 2 and 3 at different testing centers all over the country. Imagine over 70,000 students flocked to the designated centers just to take this five-hour test.  Many are called, but few are chosen, so they say.  On average, out of the thousands taking the UPCAT, only about 10% actual pass.

So, as early as now, we would like to commend everybody who took the exam.  Taking the UPCAT is hard work.  Pat yourselves on the back for getting through it. Congratulations!

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